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Russian language plays in Germany

The play "Cat House" in Frankfurt am Main
8 Sep 2024
Frankfurt am Main
from 21€
Kirill Safonov. The play "Obratnyi bilet"(ru) in Germany
from 8 Nov 2024
3 cities 3 cities
from 39€
The play "The Master and Margarita" in Deutschland
from 10 Nov 2024
5 cities 5 cities
Frankfurt am Main
from 39€

Tickets for performances in Russian in Germany

The agency kontramarka.de offers all those living in Germany to buy tickets for a performance. We know how demanding spectators are in the country. They are pedantic about all productions. An interesting plot, excellent acting and colourful costumes are important components of a quality show. Plays in Russian in Germany do not leave indifferent any of the audience. It is in them you can fully feel the Slavic flavour. Place an order - feel how convenient online sales are.

What's playing in the theatre now?

Any performance is a work of theatrical art, which is created in the process of complex work of the creative team and technical staff. But the labour is worth it. The result is an incredible action, capable of giving the viewer a sense of the whole range of emotions experienced by the characters. In such a performance it is difficult to separate reality from fiction. And such feelings make theatre lovers come again for a new portion of impressions. Already now with just a couple of clicks you can buy a ticket for the performance, which will be held in the near future in Germany. And the price of this pleasure will not be prohibitive.
Today there are many directions in the theatre art: some of them amaze with their eccentricity, others cause misunderstanding. In any case, the most popular are the classical genres that are favourite and dear to everyone. You can visit such performances in Germany:
  • dramas;
  • melodramas;
  • comedies;
  • mysteries;
  • mime performances;
  • monodramas and much more.
Everything, including plays in Russian in Germany, is an extravaganza, a holiday. They touch to the depths of the soul. Watching comedy, we laugh like children; drama - cry; melodrama - worry about the fate of heroes and their love. We select the best and most exciting productions so that you can be sure that the ticket price is justified and you will fully enjoy what you see. We will be glad if other sections of the site will be useful for you. Perhaps there you will find exactly what you are looking for. The cost, in turn, will additionally please you.

Offers from kontramarka.de

Would you like to book a ticket for a play that will take place in Germany? Then we will tell you a little about the genres of this art form.

Vaudeville is a comedy. In it there is an active interaction of dancing and singing actors and the audience in the hall. Originated in France, and in the early 19th century spread throughout Europe. Plays in Russian, presented in the genre of vaudeville, filled with fun, fun. They do not embellish life, but show it in its true colours.

Those who are interested in human psychology and the search for the reasons for this or that action, should buy tickets for the performance-drama. Here are the relations between the main character and society, and therefore subtle personalities will definitely be interested in such action.

Also, the attention of connoisseurs, of course, worthy of comedy. Wanting to laugh and see the situation from a different, more comical angle, you can order a ticket for this kind of performance. Everyone who loves irony will appreciate the mockery of human vices and misconceptions.

The site also sells tickets online for performances in Germany in the genre of melodrama. Some exaggeration of emotions in the play of actors does not irritate, but on the contrary - has an enhanced effect, and the effect of this increases. If you like to immerse yourself in the life of a character, to try to understand and feel him, then this kind of performance is for you. Empathy is the key to getting maximum pleasure from what you see.
You also have a unique opportunity to buy a ticket for a performance in the genre of mystery. It originated in medieval times. Then the most important role in human life was played by religion, the theme of which ran through every play.

A ticket to the play-moralite allows you to think about many things, because the main thing here is the edifying dialogues. The characters skilfully play with the vices and virtues inherent in everyone.

Buy tickets for performances in Russian - everyone can afford them!

We make it easy!

With kontramarka.de it's easy to buy tickets for performances of any subject. In addition, you will appreciate:
  • consultation in case of questions;
  • assistance in placing your order;
  • up-to-date information about upcoming events;
  • payment in a convenient way;
  • fast delivery of tickets;
  • the opportunity to get your money back if the performance was cancelled or postponed to another date.
Buy tickets for the performance of domestic directors and producers is an opportunity to get acquainted with another culture, mentality and worldview. Do not miss it. The price for a ticket depends on the proximity of the seat to the stage.

Why cheaper than at the box office? Because we work directly with the organisers. With kontramarka.de it's always more favourable!