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Updated: 01/02/2022

Voucher solution from the Federal Government

According to current legislation, the issuance of organizational vouchers is completed on January 1, 2022. However, all vouchers received remain valid and can be used to purchase tickets from the relevant organizer.

Is Kontramarka.de an event organizer?

No, the Kontramarka.de service is a theater and concert box office and sells tickets on behalf of a large number of organizers throughout the country and abroad. At the time of purchasing tickets, the client instructs our service to complete the purchase from the organizer, which includes or may include additional services.

Can I use the Organizer Voucher for all events?

Organizing vouchers were issued in accordance with the adopted law on behalf of a specific organizer. For this reason, these vouchers can only be used for events of the same organizer on whose behalf they were issued. You can check the events for which the voucher is valid by following this link.

What should I do if the amount of the voucher and the new order are different?

If the voucher amount exceeds the amount of the new order, the balance “on” the voucher will remain and can be used for a new order. If the voucher amount is less than the order amount, when placing an order in the cart, the system will indicate the missing amount and you will be able to select a payment method to pay for it.

What hygiene rules (2G/3G) apply during the event?

As your theater and concert box office, we generally do not have detailed information about the current rules and regulations. The organizers themselves decide under what conditions the relevant event can be held in accordance with the sanitary standards in force at the site at the time of the event. In some cases, the organizer provides us with the necessary information. In these cases, we promptly notify our clients by email

If you have not received any information from us, please check before the event in the daily media or on the website of the event venue about the relevant applicable hygiene and access concepts due to the pandemic. Due to the high dynamics, changes, unfortunately, may occur even after we receive information from the organizers.

Should I request a refund or should I wait?

We recommend that all customers refrain from requesting a refund. As stated in the decision of the Federal Government, the voucher solution is intended to save the country from a wave of bankruptcies. After all, the money raised from ticket sales is invested by the organizers into securing the event long before it takes place. This includes prepayments to artists, venues, service providers, etc. By requesting a refund, you can easily start a wave that will lead to bankruptcy of the organizer. Thus, the events will not be held and the money will not be returned. During the pandemic, we recommend showing solidarity and attending the event you want, even if you have to wait.

For any questions, you can contact us.

Stay healthy!


1. My event was postponed due to COVID-19 and the new date does not suit me.

We recommend contacting us and receiving a voucher that you can use for any event.

2. My event was postponed due to COVID-19 and a new date has not yet been announced.

Most likely, the organizers are busy looking for new dates and venues; it is very difficult to re-build the entire chain of tours. We believe that very soon all tours will be lined up again, and cities or events for which replacements could not be found will be permanently declared cancelled. We also suggest that you receive a voucher and use it for a new date or other events.

3. When ordering, I took out insurance and now want to use it.

We draw your attention to the fact that claims under insurance policies provide for the presence of insured events. In particular, this is illness, change of workplace and others. You will find a more detailed list here. A pandemic and cancellation/postponement of an event due to a pandemic, unfortunately, are not included in the list of insured events. Therefore, we ask you to refrain from contacting the insurance company, so as not to distract colleagues from those insurance cases that actually occur.

4. Can I give my voucher to someone else?

At the moment, all vouchers are tied to a specific profile, so only the client in whose name the voucher was issued can use it. However, the tickets themselves are not personalized and can be purchased for close and not so close people.

5. Can a voucher be used more than once?

Yes, if the nominal amount of the voucher allows it. Example: the nominal value of the voucher is 200 euros, and the order amount in your basket is 50 euros. In this case, you can apply the voucher, the order amount in the cart will become 0 euros, and your voucher will have another 150 euros left on it, which can be used in the future.

6. Can I use the voucher when placing an order by phone?

No, this one is. This is only possible when placing an order on the website