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Print@home ticket

Print@home (English print - print, print, English @ home or at home - home)

There are a lot of options for naming tickets that are sent by email to the client. There is a simple “electronic ticket”, and “e-Ticket”, and many other simple words and combinations. However, they all have one fundamental quality: following the logic, they can be printed, or they can also be used from mobile gadgets.

In order not to mislead our clients, we specifically chose the name Print@home. That is, already in the title we suggest: These tickets must be printed. Pay attention to this!

If you do not have the opportunity to print tickets at home, with friends, or in any other place, we advise you to take care of your tickets in advance and choose delivery by mail.

Well, actually, what’s the point of printing tickets in the 21st century and translating paper?

The fact is that our website contains events from more than 30 organizers from all over Germany and neighboring countries. By uniting them all under a single ticket distribution system, it is necessary to choose common denominators. This denominator is the scanning of tickets, which from time to time is possible from mobile phones, but when printed it works flawlessly.

Why are Print@home tickets not offered for all events?

The decision whether or not to offer Print@home tickets is made directly by the event organizers. We cannot influence him. For our part, we always recommend offering this option, since we know that clients often choose it.

How do I know if Print@home is available for a specific event?

All concerts for which the Print@home ticket option is available are marked with a gray printer icon in front of the “Order tickets” button. It looks like this: