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Stand Up in Germany

Felix Redka. European stand-up tour
from 6 Jul 2024
15 cities 15 cities
from 25.72€
Sergey Orlov. "Transition Age". European tour
from 6 Jul 2024
7 cities 7 cities
from 44€
Viktoria Skladchikova in Germany. Stand Up
from 16 Sep 2024
3 cities 3 cities
Frankfurt am Main
from 33€

Laughing prolongs life

For lovers of sparkling jokes on topical issues and those who want to have fun there is a unique opportunity to visit Stand Up in Germany. Live contact with the audience, improvisation, funny monologues and a sea of positivity await you at the concerts of comedians. This is not just an opportunity to see your idol live, but also a chance to communicate with him, as the show is often from the format of a speech to a dialogue with the audience. Given that good humour is in high demand, you should hurry up and buy a stand-up ticket today. 

Talented and unique

Stand Up is the most popular and in demand comedy genre all over the world. The jokes of the artists become so famous that they are taken apart on quotations. And a lot of different projects that allow you to show your talent, opens young names that eventually become famous.

Only bright, charismatic and inimitable comedians rush to give you positivity and "prolong life".

Get ready to laugh with such artists as:
  • Mikhail Shats;
  • Slava Komissarenko;
  • Ruslan Bely;
  • Danila Poperechny;
  • Pavel Volya and many others.
You are waiting for both long-time favourite jokes and new ones, on popular topics that concern everyone. Thoughts of the author, presented in a humorous wrapper, forcing the viewer to look at things differently. Ordinary things that most people do not pay attention to are transformed into great jokes thanks to stand-up comedians.

Life itself gives comedians food for funny and inimitable monologues: barbs against the opposite sex, media personalities, teasing their significant others and colleagues. Household trifles and trends of today - nothing escapes their close attention.

Always open their doors

Being almost anywhere in the country, you can visit your favourite event, as most major cities light up the footlights in the most popular concert halls. And the atmosphere of cosy clubs and restaurants allows you not only to enjoy the performance of your favourite artist, but also to feel yourself in the circle of close people.

Such cities as Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt am Main, Düsseldorf and others are gladly waiting for their audience. Having decided on the most convenient venue for you, it remains only to make an order and, dropping all business and worries, plunge headlong into the atmosphere of joy and positivity.

A bit of history

Stand-up appeared in Europe in the XVIII century. Along with the performances of dancers and singers, short skits and farces were presented to the public. With the development of television, actors from clubs began to appear on screens. And comedians are not an exception. In the XX century in America, along with TV, nightclubs continued to operate, in which this genre was very popular. In the 70s it became the main way of presenting humour from the stage.

In post-Soviet countries, interest in performances in this format began to appear only after the popularisation of video clips of Western stand-up comedians. And in 2005 the Comedy Club programme was first broadcast, which gave a powerful impetus to the development of humour in this direction. And only 8 years later a show called Stand Up was launched, the popularity of which is only gaining momentum.

Always be in the know

In order not to miss an interesting and exciting event, often follow the updates on the site. Lists of performers and places ready to host them are regularly added. Treating yourself and your loved ones to a holiday is so easy. To do this, find out how much a standup ticket costs on our website.

Having received a charge of positivity, you will share positive memories and quote your favourite jokes for a long time.