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FaQ questions

In this section, we tried to collect all typical questions and answer them. If your question is not in this list, write to us. We will contact you shortly.

1. Do I need to register on the website to place an order?
You can place an order on our website before pre-registration. In this case, you will receive data for accessing the order to the e-mail address. Thus, access to tickets will always be at hand, even if the ticket itself is lost. Please, please enter correct contact details. Only in this way, in case of cancellation of the concert or any other changes, we will always be able to notify you.

2. What happens to my data that I provide during registration?
Your data is used exclusively for processing orders, transmitting information about changes in activities or site operation. We also inform registered users about new products and promotions. You can read the entire privacy policy here

4. How to register?

To register, click the "Login" button in the upper right corner, and then select the "Registration" tab. Enter your email, choose a password and go to the second step by clicking the "Continue" button. The registration process is designed intuitively for the user. We are sure that it will not take us more than 2 minutes. Reminder: you can place an order without registration.

5. I forgot my password, what should I do?

You can use this link to reset your password.

6. I had technical problems when registering or recovering my password.

Please write to us at info@kontramarka.de. In this letter, describe your problem in as much detail as possible, what it is, where it occurred, what worked and what didn't, what our system gave you. We will do our best to fix this problem. Anyone who reports a problem, adds a screenshot and a full description of the problem, we give a 20% discount on the next order. After all, in this way you will not only show yourself as a loyal customer, but also become part of our team.

7. How to order tickets?

This description is based on the fact that you are on the main page. Select the event that interests you and click on the "BUY TICKETS" button. You are now on the event description page with a list of dates and cities where it will be held. Select the desired date and city by clicking on "ORDER TICKETS" directly in the desired line. Next, depending on the event, you will see a plan of the hall with a choice of seats, or a list of available categories. Which of the two methods is available will be determined by the organizers and the format of the event.

Ordering by selecting seats on the hall plan: You see a diagram of the hall, which, if necessary, you can increase / decrease or simply move with the mouse. Places available for purchase are marked with the color of their price category. Clear circles indicate sold or unavailable places. Choose the places you liked and click on "ADD TO BASKET". Now you have the option to complete the purchase in the basket or continue the selection of tickets. When you have selected everything you wanted, go to the cart and complete the purchase.

Order by seat category: After finding the desired category, select the required number of tickets and click on "ADD TO BASKET". Now you have the option to complete the purchase in the basket or continue the selection of tickets. When you have selected everything you wanted, go to the cart and complete the purchase.

8. Why do you need my phone number when placing an order?

Event rescheduling, changes in the program, and a simple client typographical error in the address - these are just some of the reasons why we need the possibility of prompt communication with our clients. Do not neglect this. For our part, we can assure you that we do not make advertising calls.

9. How can I pay for the order?

we offer our customers the following forms of payment:
Vorkasse - prepayment by bank transfer;
Sofort - fast and free payment for everyone who uses the Online Banking services of their bank in Germany and many countries of the European Union;
Visa + Mastercard - the two most common credit cards in the European Union and beyond;
Apple Pay - now, by keeping a credit card in your Apple Wallet, you can quickly and conveniently pay for orders on our website;
PayPal - no introduction required. Whether one or another form of payment will be available in the shopping cart depends on many factors, such as the event itself, the rules of the organizer, etc.;
Crypto - we offer you to pay for your order in cryptocurrency, supporting more than 10 most common tokens.

10. My credit card is not accepted, although everything is fine with it. What shall I do?
Credit card payments are handled by special services, as is customary. These services are autonomous both in the rules of operation and in decisions whether to accept this or that card for payment or not. We cannot influence this decision, nor can we specify the exact reason if the card is not accepted. This practice is common and is nothing special.

If you are sure that everything is fine with the card, there are enough funds on it and you have the correct TAN(s) for this card, but the card is still not accepted, we advise you to try again after 24 hours to complete the purchase, or use alternative payment methods for the order in the cart.

11. The first payment did not go through, and when I try again, I receive a message that the purchase has been processed and information about the transaction is expected. What shall I do?

This usually means that our system is still waiting for a response from the credit card payment service, while you have already left. In order for checkout to become available again, we need to cancel the transaction manually (it will be canceled automatically after 24 hours). Please contact us by phone or write a short email to info@kontramarka.de

12. How can I get a ticket?

Today we offer the following forms of delivery:

eTicket – an electronic ticket that will be sent to your e-mail (usually) within 24 hours after receipt of payment, and which will be available in your personal account on our website from the moment of activation by our managers until the events themselves;

The order form is for everyone who likes to receive real tickets printed on thick glossy thermal cardboard. By the way, you can only get such tickets together with our envelopes, which you can add to your purchase when placing an order in the basket.

The forms of delivery may change depending on the event and the settings of the organizer.

13. I want to give away tickets. Can I do this and what do you recommend?

In the case of a gift, we advise you to definitely choose the recommended letter as a form of delivery, as well as one of the gift envelopes, which is most suitable for the occasion for which you will give the tickets. This way, your gift will stand out from the crowd, and especially compared to a printed letter of A4 format, as it would be in the case of e-tickets.

14. Why don't I see all types of delivery/payment from the ones stated above in the shopping cart?

All types of delivery/payment depend on many factors such as the format of the event, rules of the organizer and others. Our system will automatically show you all available options at the time of checkout.

15. I did not receive electronic tickets by email, what should I do?

All tickets are sent to customers as quickly as possible. However, in some cases, even electronic tickets do not depart immediately. It also depends on the conditions of this or that tour. We advise you to be sure to check the Spam folder, as well as the so-called smart folders of the Advertising type, since it is ticket emails that often end up in them. If more than 24 hours have passed and there are no tickets in any folder, please email us at info@kontramarka.de.

16. Important information for Yahoo and Hotmail mail owners.

Unfortunately, it is the owners of mail accounts on Yahoo and Hotmail services who suffer the most due to the very strange policy of skipping mails of the above-mentioned services. Despite the fact that these services regularly confirm the receipt of our messages, they may not reach the client's mailbox. It's about the same as if a package was accepted by a nice concierge who then just threw the package away instead of giving it to the residents of the building.

We recommend using other email services. To date, no problems have been noticed in GMAIL, GMX, WEB.de.

17. Is it necessary to print electronic tickets?

Our unequivocal recommendation is yes.

18. I lost my ticket, what should I do?

Please don't let this happen and keep a close eye on your tickets. Although we will, of course, try to find a way out of the situation, by law you do not have the right to request re-issuance of tickets, if this is excluded by the rules. And this is excluded by the rules of almost all event organizers in Germany. In any case, contact us.

19. Is it possible to return a purchased ticket?
Tickets will only be accepted back if the event is canceled or rescheduled to another date. In such cases, we send detailed information about the acceptance/exchange of tickets to the clients' email. We draw your attention to the fact that, contrary to the general belief that absolutely all goods purchased on the Internet can be returned within 14 days, for the purchase of tickets this is the rule according to § 312g Abs. 2 Satz 1 Nr. 9 BGB does not apply. You can contact us to clarify whether an exception is possible in your particular case.

20. I can't reach the hotline number. What to do?
Our operators are constantly engaged in customer service. It is possible that at the time of the call all operators were busy. Leave your name, your phone number and your question directly on the site through the “Leave a message” form. We will definitely call you back as soon as possible.

21. I want to take my child to a concert. Could there be difficulties in this regard?
Please think first about the child himself. A 3-year-old child will most likely not enjoy a rock concert. In addition, you should not forget about those who will be present at the event besides you. If you have a 2-year-old child with you, he may cry from noise, hunger, or for any other reason. Here it is better to find a good nanny for the time that you will be away.

22. Why do you sell tickets for concerts in other countries on your website, although you only claim Germany?
The main target audience of the Kontramarka.de website certainly remains the Russian-speaking public in Germany. But artists do not always come exactly to the cities where we live. And for the chance to attend a concert of their favorite artist, many have to travel to other cities. We also do not exclude the possibility of traveling to other countries. So, for example, from Dresden to Prague (Czech Republic) is less than 3 hours by car, and for those who live in Krefeld, Antwerp (Belgium) is just a stone’s throw away. Therefore, we decided to offer our audience tickets in neighboring countries as well. Currently, users from 7 countries bordering Germany can register on the site. If necessary, tickets will be sent to your place of residence.

23. I have a completely different question than those presented here.
We try to answer all questions within 1 business day. Write to us at info@kontramarka.de