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Tickets to clubs in Germany

Everyone who has ever been to Germany knows how reserved its inhabitants are. However, if you buy a ticket to a club, at night you will see a completely different people who can not only work fruitfully and efficiently, but also have fun. Service kontramarka.de exists for more than 5 years, and the sale of club tickets occupies a significant place in the activities of the trading platform. We have long since learnt which entertainment venues are the most interesting, and where our customers can truly appreciate the variety of nightlife in Germany. Order tickets online right now so you don't miss out on the most interesting things!

Everyone is welcome

The nightlife of the Federal Republic is no less interesting than the festivals and other entertainment events taking place there. The picture of a whole busload of tourists travelling to Munich, Hamburg or Berlin to use the nightclub tickets they have bought has long since become a familiar sight for the country's residents.

For all those who are interested in new experiences, the site has provided the opportunity to buy tickets to a club where local and world celebrities of the musical genre will be performing, and have a blast! It is better to place orders right now, because the number of seats is limited. Moreover, you don't need to leave your home or workplace - the service works online.

You can order tickets to nightclubs on the site of the service without any worries. There are almost no dress codes - only sportswear is not welcome. Ticket sales start in advance. You can buy seats for Friday and Saturday, but if you want to go to a nightclub on Sunday, there are places in Germany that are open on this day as well. You can find out more about the entertainment programme on the website. Here you can also buy a ticket to the club.

Holidays are affordable for everyone

Contrary to expectations, the cost of a planned night out will not cost you a fortune. Not by European standards. The average price for which the sale of tickets to the club is equal to 10 euros. And for the fairer half of humanity the entrance can be free. Prices may increase, depending on what kind of event is expected in the institution:
  • attending a concert of a musical group will cost an average of 40 euros;
  • a ticket to a club where a small performance is expected can cost around 20 euros.
In Germany, alcoholic beverages are actively sold in all establishments. Their cost varies depending on the composition. To buy a cocktail, you will need to spend about 10 euros, to drink a beer - about 4, and to order a bottle of something more substantial - about 120. The price depends on the brand and the degree of the drink.

Where to go?

On the website of the service kontramarka.de you can buy tickets to a club designed for any target audience. Each discotheque in Germany attracts a special atmosphere, the style of design of the institution, the variety of musical trends that sound there. You can order tickets online to the club:
  1. Revolution - Club Bar Lounge, which impresses with the scale of the ongoing shows. If you come before midnight, then you can get there for free.
  2. Friday Fashion Club Essen - open on Fridays, so it's best to book tickets in advance. Famous for its extravagant entertainment programmes.
  3. Rush Hour - 3 dance halls where everyone can find their favourite music. As in Revolution, the entrance is free till 00.00, but there are exceptions, so it is better to specify all the nuances with managers of the institution.
Kalinka club was specially created for those who want to enjoy Ukrainian and Russian cuisine. Everything here is "like at home" - from pickles to dumplings with sour cream. Buy a pass and see for yourself!